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About us

Harsidhi Biotech (India) Private Limited was incorporated in year 2013 under the visionary guidance of our honurable chairman Mr. Awasdhesh Prasad Kushwaha. Initial first two years were spent in gathering resources and setting up infrastructure. We actually started production of Bio fertilizers and Organic manures in year 2016.

Coming from a agriculture-family owned business house, this unit was again a diversification in same direction. Since beginning the unit was planned in such a way that it sets a bench mark in the field of Bio-Organic fetilizer manufacturing in unit.

The start of art facility is set up with Vision to make agriculture activity self sustainable. Our constant endeavour is to produce efficient and effective bio and organic agri inputs. The group is now spread from agri input manufacturer to post harvest management and processing of agricultural produce. The group owns the largest Sahi litchi and Zarda mango farm in North Bihar, it is also in a big way into cultivation and processing of Turmeric, Maize and Potato.


Everyday our environment and climate is facing challenges because of un balanced human interventions. We are fast using up our natural resources and depleting the existing capablities our land and surroundings. In field of agriculture the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides has worsened the problem. Soil is turning infertile and our food is becoming polluted and cancerous. In this scenario it is high time we control the use of chemical agents and adopt bio-organic sustainable agriculture. Harsidhi Biotech as a company believes that organic farming is way ahead and sooner or later all of us will have to adopt to it. Our constant endeavour will be to produce products which will help in retaining and improving the soil health.

Shri. Awadhesh Prasad Kushwaha, Former Minister, Government of Bihar, Kishan Shree (E. Champaran)



Jai Narain Mehta
Director (Non Execuitive)

M.S. Yale University USA)

Awdhesh Kumar Singh
Director(Non Executive)

Progressive Farmer, Kishan Shree (Hajipur)

Krishnarjun Kushwaha, Director

M.Tech, Bubkin University, Russia

Nagarjun Kushwaha, Director

PGDM- EDI Ahmedabad
Former Employee, Yamaha Motor Corporation, Japan